Gabriel_von_Max_Die_ekstatische_Jungfrau_Katharina_Emmerich.jpgYou Don't Have to Live with Pain!

Most of our patients have already tried the standard treatments and medication, as well as a variety of alternative treatments, including acupuncture, chiropractic, and other manipulations, with no real lasting improvement.  Many have had multiple spine surgeries, returning post-operatively to pain even more severe than before the back operation, only to be told at last that they are “no longer a surgical candidate” because of scar tissue, formed because of the prior surgery!  They are then told that they will just have to “learn to live with the pain”—this pronouncement is premature, even irresponsible, if an effective treatment is being overlooked.

Does SGB Only Mask Pain?

A wide variety of medications are prescribed to treat pain, many of which are quite effective at providing short-term relief by blocking or masking pain. When the effect of the medication wears off however, the pain returns. More than a simple pain block, SGB can actually promotes lasting healing by dramatically reducing muscle spasm and taking pressure off sensitive musculoskeletal structures, thus allowing the body to heal itself, once freed from the physical stress of constant chronic pain.